A brief outline of how IQgistics’ live GPS tracking works.

Our Live 24/7 wireless GPS vehicle tracking with integrated intelligent fleet management enables you to maximize revenue, productivity and customer service; all while minimizing risk and operating costs. View and control your fleet from the comfort of your desktop. You can be more productive and efficient with GPS fleet tracking solutions from IQgistics! In short, you will boost your bottom line.

We install a small tamper-resistant tracking unit in each vehicle. This unit records and transmits via satellite comprehensive information on a pre-determined time frequency. This information includes vehicle location, speed, travel direction, engine idling time etc.

You can verify, both live and historically:

  • Travel Routes
  • Mileage
  • Time Sheets
  • Stop Locations
  • Start and Stop Times
  • Travel Speed
  • State Mileage Reporting
  • Driver-based Reporting