This checklist is intended for business owners and managers seeking to invest in a GPS Fleet Tracking System for their company.

By using this checklist you will be able to make an informed decision about which company is best for your business.<--break->

Part 1: Equipment

  1. Have you had a complete online live presentation that fully explained how the company’s live GPS Tracking system works? (If not, call 512-535-4165)
  2. Does the GPS Tracking component track your vehicles using a fixed beneath the dashboard unit?
  3. Has the GPS installation process and schedule been explained to you?
  4. Can the unit be tested or fault checked remotely?
  5. Can the GPS remote device be upgraded or re-scripted over the air?

Part 2: Software

  1. Does the software provide auto-delivered accurate business intelligence reports?
  2. What reports seem useful to you?
  3. Can you run reports in batch format?
  4. Can reports be sent directly to a hand-held device?
  5. Does the software permit setting boundaries (alarms) on maps to monitor vehicle movement within specified areas?
  6. Can the software enable you to replay and review journeys minute-by-minute?
  7. How frequently (in minutes) is vehicle information and location updated and is the cost of this included?
  8. Does the GPS provider offer both client based and web based GPS solutions that are scalable?
  9. Does the supplier have a phone number for support?
  10. Are free upgrades included in the cost?

Part 3: Customer Support

  1. Does the GPS Fleet Tracking Company provide its own technical support?
  2. What is the average turnaround time for customer resolution?

Part 4: Lease/Purchase/Fees

  1. Are all costs and terms in writing?
  2. Software (GPS related) prices?
  3. Are future upgrades included or is that a separate charge?
  4. Are there any current promotional specials that you can take advantage of?
  5. What are the installation fees?
  6. Are there any additional license fees for service after the sale?
  7. Are the costs of wireless data service included?
  8. Are there restrictions on the amount of users that can access the system?
  9. If so, are there additional license fees?

Part 5: Company Background

  1. Determine if the company you are considering is a local, national or international operation?
  2. Do they have their own sales team, or are they using a third party sales vendor?
  3. Has the company conducted a thorough needs analysis relative to your business? (Do you feel they understand your needs and wants for GPS Fleet Tracking?)
  4. How many satisfied business customers are using the company’s solution nationwide?
  5. Does the company have customer testimonials?
  6. How long has the company been in business?