Tracking Profits

There was a time when fleet management solutions were exclusive to companies with large fleets. Today many smaller companies are experiencing the benefits of fleet management as well. When investing in technology the purpose is always the same, drive down cost and increase productivity.

When the fleet tracking industry began, devices were expensive to install and operate, making this technology cost prohibitive for smaller companies. Over the last few years GPS technology has evolved and systems have become much less expensive. Now a field service organization of any size can justify the cost of implementing management systems.

Local service fleets are the biggest growth market for fleet management. Knowing the location of their vehicles, business owners can maximize vehicle usage. Routing and dispatching are improved, extended breaks, idle times, and unauthorized usage is eliminated.

In addition GPS solutions monitor speeds, resulting in additional fuel savings, while improving driver safety. Real time solutions allow business owners to understand the utilization of their fleets, enabling them to make informed decisions on the actual usage instead of relying guess work. GPS tracking and fleet management have become a must-have to be on a level playing field, without it your leaving money on the table.