It’s time to rethink your business’s fleet strategy and mobile asset management. Many organizations rely on vehicles to achieve business growth objectives, and fleets are expected to drive big value to the bottom line while incurring minimal cost.

Tracking vehicles allows management to view the daily activities, unlocking the fleet’s real ROI value, and ultimately contribute to business success.

Using GPS creates an electronic record of your fleet’s daily activities, MSTrack complies the data into management critical reports. Intelligent decisioning.

Recent industry reports have revealed that companies that leverage telematics solutions have, on average, realized such gains as 25 percent improvement in number of daily jobs completed, 27 percent higher fleet utilization and 13 percent reduction in fuel and maintenance costs. *

Fleet related operational costs savings alone justify adoption of a GPS Solution, but also provides an insight into overall company performance.

Is the proper amount of time being spent with the right customers? How does actual data compare to sales metrics and how can better results be achieved?