IQ800 Hybrid Satellite/Cellular GPS Tracking Unit

IQgistics IQ800 is a compact, fully-integrated cellular (GSM/GPRS) and satellite (Inmarsat D+) GPS tracking unit. Until now, interfacing to multiple networks was a difficult and time-consuming task involving numerous interfaces, differing message formats, and mis-matched hardware.

IQ800 provides a standard, manufactured two-in-one solution and features an effective least-cost routing method that combines the affordability of a cellular connection with the reliability and global coverage of satellite.  Download the technical specs.


IQgistics IQ800 Satellite/Cellular Hybrid Tracking unit is a dependable, fully integrated D+/GPRS wireless controller. It sets the standard for reliable asset tracking and management systems at a low combined total cost. The IQ800 ensures that your applications are delivered with lowest cost message routing using GPRS/EDGE networks when your assets are in cellular coverage, and automatically switches to Inmarsat D+ satellite network where necessary, maintaining a critical lifeline link to your fleet. Assets moving anywhere in the world are visible and reachable at all times by your fleet operations.





Transceiver: 155 mm x 125 mm  x 51 mm

Satellite Antenna: 127 mm x 93 mm x 23 mm

Transceiver: 244 g

Satellite Antenna: 166 g


Operating Range

Storage Range



Shock (Survival) 


Transceiver (In-Cab): -30°C to 65°C

Satellite & GPRS Antennas: -40°C to 75°C

-40 °C to 85°C

95% Relative Humidity at 30°C

5-20 Hz: 1.92 m2/s3 random noise

20-500 Hz: -3dB octave random noise

Half sine 6ms, 300 m/s2


Input Voltage

Power Consumption

(typical @ 12VDC)

Mating Connector 


9 VDC to 32 VDC

Transmit: 10 W (D+ & IsatM2M)

Transmit: 8 W (GPRS)

Receive: 2 W (Typical)

Sleep: 300 µA

Idle: 0.25 W

GPRS Inactive: 1.5 W

GPS/GPRS Inactive: 0.9 W

Transceiver I/O: JAE IL-AG5-30S-D3C1

Satellite Antenna: FAKRA FAI-NARP-PCB-M

GSM/GPRS Antenna: SMA Female



Frequency Range


Elevation Angle Range




To +/- 75 Degrees Latitude with 5 overlapping Ocean Regions

Rx: 1525.0 to 1559.0 MHz

Tx: 1626.5 to 1660.5 MHz

0 dBW to 9 dBW

0 to 90 degrees

16 Channels: 1575.42 MHz

3 m CEP: 5m SEP



GPRS Data 


850/900/1800/1900 MHz

Class 12 multislot: Coding scheme 1 to 4

Class B mobile station: PBCCH support

Class 4 (2 W) for EGSM 850 and 900

Class 1 (1 W) for GSM 1800 and 1900

Certifications Inmarsat Type Approval

R&TTE (CE Marking): PTCRB: FCC: RoHS

Transceiver (In-Cab): IP40/NEMA1

Satellite Antenna: IP66/NEMA4X