IQ300 Battery-Powered Satellite Asset Tracking Unit


IQgistics’ IQ300 is a self-contained wireless GPS asset tracking device that combines the latest Globalstar simplex satellite technologies with innovative battery design to deliver an easy-to-install, long service life solution.

IQ300’s simplex operation replaces the need for the power-consuming two-way tracking devices on those assets where constant power is not available, enabling IQ300 to operate as long as 5-7 years without battery replacement or battery recharging, depending on the reporting rate chosen. The IQ300’s low profile and covert design allows it to be easily installed without the need for wire harnesses, external power or external antennas.  Download the technical specs.



Supervisory Position Reporting:

  • Wake, GPS locate, transmit location, resume sleep
  • Up to 12 programmable sleep intervals or time‐of‐wake settings

Interval Override:

  • Alternate supervisory reporting schedule triggered by “alarm,” motion or geo‐location determination
  • Transmits GPS location on alternate interval for programmed time or while alarm remains active

Wireless Configurable “Alarm” Inputs:

  • Independently configurable — negative, positive, or any edge
  • Immediate message, GPS locate then message or engage interval override.
  • Count alarms or accumulate hours (engine run‐time)

Integrated Motion Sensor:

  • Message on start and stop
  • Engage interval override on motion for set time or while in motion

Messaging Cost Reduction Feature (Stationery Report Rate):

  • Reduced satellite messaging if asset remains in same location

Field Replaceable Battery Pack:

  • Up to 7 year battery life (2 updates/day)
  • Field replaceable in minutes

 Wireless Configuration and Sensor Port:

  • Setup, data and smart sensor interface

IQ 300 Asset Tracking Unit Certifications:

  • Intrinsic Safety (UL Class 1, Division 1 Groups A, B, C, D) for US and Canada FCC CFR Parts 15 and 25 Industry Canada CE Mark (European Certification)

IQ 300 Asset Tracking Unit Standards:

  • SAE J1455 MIL STD 810 NEMA 4X / IP67