Cellular Products

When you need to track and retrieve trailers, containers, frac tanks etc. the IQ201 is the ideal solution

The IQ201 is a battery operated non-rechargeable trailer tracking product designed for reliable, multi-year deployments that require low frequency reporting. This is an ideal solution for managing assets that will be deployed for long periods without maintenance needs or connection to a power source.

Use it to track and retrieve:

  • Trailers
  • Containers
  • Frac tanks
  • Skimmers
  • Waste skips
  • Oil field services equipment
  • Landscaping equipment
  • Equipment protected covertly
  • Any valuable powered or non-powered asset

Featuring dual-band GSM/HSPA connectivity, the IQgistics IQ102 unit merges the power of the IQgistics event tracking capabilities in a compact unit intended for stand-alone operation with next generation wireless data and GPS location awareness.  This unit requires installation in a vehicle and is not easily removed.  This unit has an internal antenna.

The IQLITE is a compact cellular modem platform with a built in OBDII interface and a highly sensitive GPS engine. This product platform eliminates the need for installations in passenger vehicles, achieving true Plug-N-Play tracking capability. By simply plugging the device into the OBDII connector under the dashboard of post-1996 passenger vehicles, the device uses its integrated GSM modem and highly sensitive GPS engine to track vehicle performance. Additionally, the platform is capable of communicating directly with the vehicles to determine a variety of parameters available on the OBDII interface.